We’re looking for an ambitious, creative and advertorial copywriter. This is the perfect opportunity for a writer who wants to write across multiple industries and write persuasive advertorial leveraging psychological principles to make people take action.

The dream candidate is a forward-thinking, hard-working, creative and ambitious person looking to take on multiple projects in multiple industries. You will be provided training, copywriting frameworks and processes we have used to be successful in this role, but your desire and drive to keep getting better is the fire that motivates everyone. Also, you should have excellent communication skills and be fluent in English and be able to express our company’s views creatively.


– Primarily a copywriter but needs experience and skills in creating advertorials that focus on conversion

– Excellent persuasive copywriting skills

– Excellent communication skills.

This is a fast-paced role which requires you to be adaptable and continuously learning.

Responsibilities + Desired Skills / Experience:

– Provide ongoing suggestions for opportunities to create frameworks and copywriting systems.

– Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences.

– Ability to interview clients and their customers to extract psychological triggers, stories, and experiences for marketing purposes

– Excellent organization skills with strong verbal and written communication skills.

– Ability to work independently and remotely without being micromanaged, but know when to ask for help.

– Ability to identify different customer avatars.


Selection process:

Once you apply for this position, you will receive an email if you are chosen to continue the hiring process. You will be asked to write a teaser to a full advertorial as a test. If you pass, you will be provided with your first test immediately. We move quick!

Does this sound like the dream job?

Apply now and do not forget to attach:

Your resume and a portfolio of advertorials or long-form copy you are proud of.


We can’t wait to see your application!