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DFY Creative delivers high converting video ads to scale your Facebook ad campaigns faster and more profitably than ever.

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What is DFY Creatives?

DFY Creatives is a done-for-you ad creative service for marketers and media buyers delivering high converting video ads.

Designers don’t understand media buying and most media buyers aren’t designers. We bridge the gap by combining design and media buying to deliver more creative assets, with fast turnaround times, while brand building quality assets and delivering high ROAS over and over again.

We manage over $1 million dollars a month as an agency to actively create, test, analyze and innovate to break records on records. If you are plateauing or have hit a wall with your creatives, now, it’s your turn to breakthrough.

    How DFY Creatives Works


    Choose an Ad

    Select an ad below.


    Complete a Form

    Send us text, logos, images and videos for your ad.


    Approve and Launch

    Get launch ready files to scale your campaigns!

    Done For You Ad

    • 1 video ad customized for your brand
    • Facebook & Instagram launch ready
    • Choose one of four ad dimensions
    • Unlimited revisions
    • Licensed professional images / videos
    • Licensed professional music
    • 100% compliant
    • Turnaround time: 3 business days
    • No minimums, no contracts
    • 50% off discount activated
    • $99


    • 1 video ad for your brand
    • Facebook launch ready files
    • Instagram launch ready files
    • Choose 1 of 4 ad dimensions
    • Unlimited revisions
    • Licensed images / videos
    • Licensed professional music
    • 100% compliant
    • 3 business day turnaround
    • No minimums, no contracts
    • 50% off discount activated
    • $99


    Optional Add-ons

    $15.00 | Rush Delivery

    Get your ads faster with a 1 business day turnaround.

    $10.00 | Additional Variations

    4 total variations including changes to headlines, colors or animations.

    $10.00 | Additional Dimensions

    Get your ad in more than 1 dimension. You can choose multiple dimensions.

    Custom Facebook Ad Videos Starting At $99 $49/Ad

    Choose an Ad you like and complete payment. You will get instant access to your portal with an onboarding form to get started.

    Ad #1 - 4 Features

    Ad #2 - Products Review

    Ad #3 - 3 Features

    Ad #4 - Collection Scroll

    Ad #5 - Ingredients Storyline

    Ad #6 - Benefits Storyline

    Ad #7 - Collection Colors

    Ad #8 - Collection Showcase

    Ad #9 - Collection Details

    Ad #10 - Discount Code

    Ad #11 - Comparison List

    Ad #12 - Comparison Counter

    Ad #13 - Collection Scroll

    Ad #14 - Video Testimonial

    Ad #15 - Collection Features

    Ad #16 - Collection Grid

    Ad #17 - Product Lifestyle Feature

    Ad #18 - Collection Lifestyle Showcase

    Ad #19 - Collection Lifestyle Features

    Ad #20 - Feature Highlights

    Ad #21 - Lifestyle Benefit

    Ad #22 - Collection Features + Testimonials

    Ad #23 - Discount Reminder

    Ad #24 - Product Feature Photo

    Ad #25 - Text Repetition

    Ad #26 - Product Video Grid

    Ad #27 - Collection Border

    Ad #28 - Collection Patterns

    Ad #29 - Collection Names

    Ad #30 - Collection Demo + Review

    Ad #31 - Collection Showcase Simplified

    Ad #32 - Features Grid

    Ad #33 - Collection Pop-In

    Ad #34 - Collection WalkThrough

    Ad #35 - Collection Quick Loop

    Ad #36 - Collection Sale

    Ad #37 - Lifestyle Customer Quote

    Ad #38 - Discount Collection

    Ad #39 – New Products

    Ad #40 - Product Fall

    Ad #41 - Reminder + Benefits

    Ad #42 - Product Prices

    Ad #43 - Lifestyle Video Sale

    Ad #44 - Ingredients Overlay

    Ad #45 - Benefit Comparison

    Ad #46 - Sitewide Sale

    Ad #47 - Sale Slide

    Ad #48 - New Product Design

    Ad #49 - Benefits Checklist

    Ad #50 - Product Flavors

    Ad #51 - Ingredients Stopmotion

    Ad #52 - Sale Clock

    Ad #53 - Large Collection Sale

    Ad #54 - Benefits Comparison

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Getting Started

    What information is required to place an order?

    Once you complete payment, we will ask you a handful of questions about your brand, website and ads. The onboarding form takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

    What do I actually get with DFY Creatives?

    With DFY Creatives, you get new videos and images for your Facebook ads. We break each ad creative idea into concepts and variations. Concept is a unique video idea or image idea. A variation is taking that concept and adjusting one variable/element of that ad (for example: the headline, the background color, etc). With every concept, you get 4 variations to feed the algorithm and to choose based on your preferences.

    What is the DFY Creatives strategy?

    We care about one thing over everything else: does the creative convert? Meaning: does the asset allow you to scale and generate more revenue from the same ad spend. Our commitment to creatives goes beyond ROAS.

    The four pillars of our creatives are based on

    1. Brand Worthy Assets,
    2. Fast Turnaround,
    3. High Volume,
    4. Record Breaking ROAS

    What if I don’t need a lot of ad creatives?

    You can order as many assets as you need! You can order 1 concept (meaning you get 4 variations of that ad idea) or you can order 100 concepts every month per brand, per brand you are working on. The volume of creatives depends on how many creatives you would like.

    How many concepts do you suggest I buy?

    Here is our recommendation:

    If you are getting started with Facebook ads, order 4 concepts. This will allow you to get 4 very different ad ideas so we can see what your market resonates with.

    If you are spending $100-1000/mo, order 4 concepts/month. You can test one new concept per week to find a new winner. Want to be more aggressive, upgrade to 8 concepts.

    If you spend $1000-5000/day, buy 10 concepts per month. That’s 2-3 concepts per week. This will help start testing more aggressively with different brand messaging, angles and avatars you want to test.

    If you spend $5000/day or more, buy 20 concepts per month. That will allow you to test creatives at a volume and systemized way to find your next breakthrough.

    How is your service different from other design services?

    We fuse design and media buying into one. DFY Creatives provides work class creatives for as low as $25/creative while maintaining quality of creative assets. We value volume, speed, quality and profitability for creatives designed for your brand.


    How does DFY Creatives work in terms of pricing?

    We have one time plans and recurring plans. If you would like to try our service out, you can buy one concept to test out the service. If you’d like to commit 100% to the creative development of your brand, start with our recurring packages of 4-10 concepts a month.

    How does agency pricing work?
    Results & Deliverables

    How long will it take for the deliverables to be completed?

    Concepts are delivered within a 72hr period of completing the onboarding form. If you are on a recurring plan, you will have the option of choosing assets to be delivered at once or on a weekly basis (our recommendation is weekly).

    How long do I have to give feedback once creatives are delivered?

    Once your creatives are delivered you will have 2 weeks in which to give our team feedback. We will follow up with you 3 times within that 2 week period to remind you that we are waiting on your feedback. You can always be in communication with us and let us know if there are delays on your end, but if we do not hear from you at all, we will assume that you have received and approved of the creatives. If, after that 2 week period, you decide that you need additional edits or revisions, it will be a $10 fee to go back and reopen the project once it has been closed.

    Do you provide a guarantee for ROAS?

    Unfortunately, ROAS is based on so many factors, most of which we don’t control. We prefer taking existing variables of a winning creative formula and converting that into new assets. We call these marginal tests.

    What if none of the ads are working for my brand?

    When ads aren’t converting, we recommend radical tests. Marginal tests are slight improvements on the proven winning creative formula. Radical tests means taking elements of a winning creative formula but creating a very different style of creative to find a potential winner. Example: changing product based ads to testimonial based ads.

    Does your service include launching and optimizing Facebook ads?

    At this time, we do not offer that service to the mass market. We take on a handful of clients with our agency for brands committed to scaling to $100,000+ per month in ad spend. If you’re a brand spending at least $30,000/mo in ad spend and want to scale to $100k+ per month in ad spend, please apply here.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our creatives, contact our support team and we’ll work with you to make it right!

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