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467% ROAS Coaching High Performing Women Entrepreneurs

Imagine investing $1 and generating $4.67 every time you spent a dollar on Facebook. In this case study, we will breakdown how a client invested $28,967 in Facebook ads, generated $135,300 in revenue in a 60 day period for their launch and generated a 467% ROAS.

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2018 Black Friday Playbook

Nehal: Hi, this is Nehal Kazim and this is Ad Tips for Ads Pros Podcast where we teach entrepreneurs and marketers how to grow their businesses with direct response advertising. Today we have  Kurt Bullock from the Produce Department. It's funny because we did an...

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How Alon Launched A New Offer and Generated $408,000 With 34 Buyers

In this episode, Alon reveals how he launched a new offer to an existing list of buyers and generated $408,000 with only 34 buyers. Alon outlines how the offer was presented, how they structured the offer and how they surveyed prospects to craft the copy to skyrocket conversions. Click here to listen now!

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Conversion Lessons From Acquiring 1 Million+ Customers

Nehal K: Hi, this is Nehal from 'Ad Tips for Ad Pros', and today we have my good friend, Andrew Lermsider, and he's the former CMO of Q-Link Wireless, and the reason I brought him on is because he's been able to generate over $600 million for himself and other clients...

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How To Scale To $1MM/Mo By Developing Irresistible Offers

Nehal Kazim: Hi, this is Nehal Kazim from Ad Tips for Ad Pros, and today I have Clayton Johnson from The HOTH. What's up, Clayton? Clayton Johnson: What's up, dude? Thanks for having me. Nehal Kazim: There you go. If you're not watching this video, we're in person...

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