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Are most of your ads a clickable image going to your landing page?
If so…
Facebook has so many different ad types including carousel ads, clickable video ads, lead ads, canvas ads and more.
In all of our Facebook advertising tests, videos is outperforming static ads by a minimum of 2x.
If you are using clickable images as your main way of advertising on Facebook, I know you are losing money on the front end lead generation and retargeting.

Enter Josh Lannan from Traffic DFY

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How a physical product company used Facebook lives to earn a 326% return
  • Spent $1,794.31 and generated $5,847.72
  • How he seeded the audiences by using like campaigns (32,000 pages likes to 120k in 3 months)
  • The 3 step system Josh uses with all of his Facebook ads lead generation clients to product profitable Facebook lives
  • And a lot more!

Main Takeaways with Facebook Lives

Hook the viewer in the first 10 seconds

There is a significant drop off in most videos within the first 10 seconds. The first 10 seconds is meant to hook them for the first minute. The first minute is to hook them to stay for the next 5 minutes.

Create your content based on existing funnels

Facebook live naturally educates more prospects, on autopilot, about what you do, how you do it, why you’re the expert, why they should listen to you and how to get more information. Most Facebook lives from business pages don’t have any call to action in the video or in the text description of the live.
Here is how to fix that: first, determine all the lead magnets you have (what are the best converting lead magnets? PS: best converting doesn’t mean landing page conversion rate. I’m talking about lead to sale rate.) Then, create a list of 10 content ideas that would completely align with that type of content. Finally, schedule that content so you are doing Facebook lives that seamlessly drive paid and organic leads into your best converting funnel(s) daily.

Longer Facebook lives allow more people to jump on live

With this new adjustment in the algorithm, as more people are engaging, commenting and sharing your lives, the distribution of your lives will increase dramatically.
There is a longer period of time that the content is being published live; this will allow more users to recheck their Facebook newsfeed and stumble upon your live.

How to Work With Josh and Traffic DFY

Josh Lannan is the founder of Traffic DFY, a Facebook advertising agency based out of Boulder, CO. If you are doing lead generation with video ads and Facebook lives, there are optimizations you can make in your campaign to decrease cost per lead (CPL) and your cost per acquisition (CPA).
Reach out to Josh Lannan to get started via email or Facebook.

Let’s Work Together

If you like what you are hearing, here is how we can work together:
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