Attribution Mastery Training

The definitive guide to attribution for direct to consumer ecommerce brands


Welcome to the Attribution Mastery training by Ad Pros. The goal of this training is to learn how attribution works to scale your campaigns (and business) with paid ads.

Ad Pros is a paid advertising agency designed to scale brands from 7 figures a year in revenue to 7 figures a month (profitably). Right now, attribution is a big part of how decision making happens across multiple platforms, platform budgets, funnel stages and CPA targets.

After managing millions a month of advertising, one thing became very clear: attribution is hard. So we put together a series of training videos as our way of giving back to the media buyer community to learn how we look at attribution and decision making.

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iOS14 has been a challenge for most brands (including our clients) but we learned to adapt. Here is how we adapted (and scaled) for some of our clients:

Scaling through Covid

Scaling back up in 2022

We manage the following platforms for our fast growing clients:

And Here Are More Results

Pet Niche

$300k to $1mm/mo revenue 14 months


$27k to $1mm/mo revenue 12 months

Homeopathic supplement

$40k to $400k/mo revenue 12 months

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Attribution Mastery: What is Attribution