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This series is part of the “Ad Method” series, breaking down the 7 elements to the perfect advertising campaign.
The first step of our Ad Method where we talk about the offer and what does a successful front end offer look like for a successful Facebook advertising campaign.
What is  Front End Offer
What is a front end offer from my standpoint, as a Facebook advertiser? The front end offer is the first time we exchange money for some sort of value.
This means the front end is the first transaction they do with an organization where we are charging for a product or service. Depending on the type of business you have, this is sometimes different than what is shown in the ad.
if you are selling a physical product, your main product that you are promoting in your ad is most likely the product you would like them to purchase. If you are doing a lead generation campaign, the messaging in the ad is usually a lot different to the front end offer they see where they are being asked to purchase a product.

For example: if I am a gym, my first promotion may be a lead magnet which is a report to getting a flat stomach or a 5 day pass or a giveaway. Compare those offers to the offers a potential member is presented in person: monthly membership for $79/mo, annual membership $799, personal training for $499/mo, etc.
If your offers aren’t converting, the front end offer may be the culprit.
Here are three things that we’re looking for to know if we have the right front end offer for our Facebook ad campaign.
Design the Offer to Breakeven
The first thing that we’re looking for is to define  the right offer that makes money or at least, breaks even on the front end This means that if we’re promoting an information product that costs $500 and we’re only spending $100 per day, are we actually getting all of our money back? If not, are we at least breaking even in that process?
A lot of the times, what we’re seeing is that the front end offer that we use might be a lead magnet, a piece of content, a tripwire, a webinar, there are all these different types of front-end offers that you can develop from a messaging standpoint. But for that first transaction of that $500 or if you have a physical product that does it’s $50, whatever the case is, are we able to define if that first transaction that they’re doing is that making money or at least breaking even?.
Designing the Front End Offer to Lead To Backend Conversions
The second thing that we look at is when this prospect buys the front end product/service how likely are they to buy even more products/services in the future?
The purpose of our advertising isn’t just only to get a buyer and make a little bit of money upfront. The goal is once that buyer comes in, are they going to buy additional products that we already have, additional services, new product launches that we do, etc. Are they going to actually vote for these backend offers by paying for what we’re providing.
When we’re looking for that perfect front end offer that’s going to allow us to scale, what we’re looking for is: does that person go to the rest of the funnel after that first transaction and buy even more from our organization.
Setting Expectations With Front End Offers
The last thing that we’re looking for is to set the expectation with this prospect correctly when they first come into our business through our advertising campaign.
Here’s what I mean when they come in:
Do they know what is it that we actually sell?
What is it that we’re really good at?
Why are we different from other people?
What can they expect from us, our community and our company in order to get back to them?
This even goes as far as customer service and expectations of future products/services. Depending on the type of business you have, you will want the dream front and offer set the tone for the rest of the business relationship.
With all of that said, what we look for when we’re creating our dream front-end offer is that we want to make sure that: First we’re making money with that front end offer, if not worse case at least breaking even. Second is that once someone comes in, not only are they buying that first product, but they continue to buy in the future; and then lastly, are we setting the right expectation with them as soon as they come into our business?
That is our dream front end offer and hopefully, that makes more sense for you in your business, if you don’t have that from an offer and what to look for to make this work for yourself. If you’d like more of these videos we’re gonna be launching new videos every Wednesday morning, make sure to subscribe to get notifications on future videos.